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Defacto offers instant, short-term, 100% flexible financing for SMBs.


How Akolads grows at full speed thanks to Defacto’s flexible financing

Mathieu Galvani
December 27, 2023
3 min
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Without Defacto, I would be forced to turn away clients and significantly reduce my growth.
Emmanuel Bismuth

About Akolads

Akolads is an SEO and SEA agency. Since founding in 2018, the company has seen organic growth of 30% per year.

The finance function & tools

We have an office manager who takes care of the finances. We use Sellsy to manage quotes, invoices, and CRM, and RocketChart for cash flow monitoring. And we have a business bank account with Qonto.

The challenge: an asymmetrical cash flow cycle

With our growth in recent years, we sometimes have discrepancies between our inflows and outflows. We have clients who pay us in 45 or even 60 days. At the same time, we have to pay our suppliers within 30 days, and our employees at the end of the month.

At Qonto, we don’t have an authorised overdraft. This complicates our cash flow management and our working capital requirements increase every year. Thanks to short-term financing, we can fund our needs via invoice financing through Defacto.

I am 100% self-funded. In the past, I used Mansa for short-term business loans, but the solution is not currently available.

The solution: AR financing with Defacto

As the founder of an agency, having an available cash flow line is a key factor for success. Without Defacto, I would be forced to refuse clients and greatly reduce my growth. Because growth needs to be financed. 

Having an available cash flow line at any time with just a few clicks is a breath of fresh air. And my company doesn’t go into debt because I only request financing for invoices awaiting payment.

Thanks to Defacto, my growth continues and I can pay my employees on time.

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