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finance your stock and supplier payments

With Defacto, retailers easily solve their treasury needs and unlock endless growth opportunities with pay-as-you-go financing to cover anything from stock purchases to your B2B sales
Powering the next generation of retailers
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Your challenge

Retail is a seasonal business
where stock orders and sales rarely align

Cash can get tight when you need to upfront stock financing or cash in preparation for next season’s inventory.
Our solution

Buy now, pay later financing that
flexes to your variable business

With Defacto, have financial peace of mind with instant access to working capital on your terms and timing.
real impact, really fast
Upway grows sales by 20% thanks to stock financing with Defacto
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Why retailers love Defacto

A modern lending process
Say goodbye to complex procedures! Experience a tech-driven approach to financing that eliminates paperwork and endless back-and-forth.
Never miss a sale. Quickly access financing whenever you need a boost or extra capital coverage.
Sophisticated supplier relations
Strong relationships drive business success. Maintain timely payments and secure favourable bulk purchase discounts.
Transparent, adaptable terms
Finance exactly what you need, precisely when you need it, at a fair and fixed rate. No minimum, no fixed costs.
Direct lending

smart, forward-
thinking financing

With our scoring algorithm, we follow your growth and automatically anticipate your capital needs in our lending dashboard.
How it works

Lending with Defacto is quick and easy.

Only 27 seconds from quote to cash.
Number one
Connect your bank and fintech tools
Number two
Get instant financing eligibility
Number three.
Request lending against your capacity
Number four.
Receive automatic confirmation of payment

Join the 7,000+ businesses owning their own growth with Defacto

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