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Increase your GMV by financing buyers and sellers with Defacto

Elevate your business by providing risk-free lending to your clients, increasing your transaction volumes, and solving your customers' treasury needs.

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Why become a marketplace partner with Defacto?

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Increase customer
Address your customers' treasury challenges and increase attachment to your brand.
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Diversify revenue
Grow customer acquisition and retention by generating revenue through working capital services.
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Extend financing coverage
Reach a larger portion of your customer base with our underwriting algorithm that optimizes eligibility.
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Set your services apart
Stand out by offering the latest financing options, from "buy now, pay later" capital to one-click lending scores.
When running a B2B marketplace, there are always cash flow challenges.
With Defacto, give your customers the flexible payment terms they need to own their own growth.

You choose—no code or low code

Select the product experience you desire by either integrating Defacto directly within your platform or adding Liquid—our lending referral link. Either choice, clients get instant financing direct from!
Increase customer loyalty like Malt
Who pay their freelancers immediately at the end of their mission.
Secure bigger clients like Kactus
Who also increase the ACV of their clients by offering embedded finance.
safe, simple setup

Effortless implementation, seamless experience

It's a breeze for your engineering and customer service teams to introduce instant lending. We oversee everything, from underwriting to repayment, ensuring a hassle-free setup in under a week.

Ready to integrate instant payments into your marketplace? Collaborate with Defacto now!

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