Securing working capital can make or break your business

we’ve changed the game with
a surprisingly simple lending process
Evaluate your
Instantly get financing acceptability by connecting your fintech or banking tools.
Confirm your
Review and accept our terms by creating your personal lending dashboard.
Use your
Immediately leverage your working capital by uploading invoices to pay.
Customize your
payment terms
Repay as you need— in one go between 0 to 120 days.
simple, transparent pricing


per day
hidden costs
platform usage

We believe in flexibility and fairness
which means every business:

gets the
same rate
can choose to use as much
or as little of their lending capacity
can choose their
repayment terms
For example,
you’re eligible for:


but you
only use:


and repay within
30 days, you pay:


the defacto difference

Loan Application
automated via integrations
Once you give us access to your fintech or banking tools, we have all the information we need to calculate your eligibility.
traditional lenders
10h+ with paperwork
Lots of back and forth and repetitive admin tasks that need to be physically printed.
Credit Decision
27 seconds
Our powerful API is able to access your risk profile much faster and more complete for higher acceptance rates.
traditional lenders
30+ days
Lots of manual background checks that lead to 33% of small businesses getting rejected.
Funds Deployed
Once accepted, you have immediate access to your financing within your personal lending dashboard.
traditional lenders
1 week
Once accepted, you need to wait for a wire, direct deposit or a mailed confirmation to send you the funds.
compliance &
care at our core
We make compliance a #1 priority to ensure we’re following the latest regulations on behalf of your business, your clients, and vendors. We’re all in the business of human relationships and are committed to being available and helpful in your time of need.
fully documented,
easy to implement
For our fintech and marketplace partners, our embedded API is the easiest to implement in the market. On average, partners are able to start scaling their lending capabilities in less than 10 business days.
We chose Defacto because of their flexible approach and the high quality of their API and API documentation. Working with them helped us enhance our user experience and streamline our daily freelance operations.
Cornelius Nameth
Senior PM at Malt
Frequently asked questions and the answers of course ;)
How many times can I request financing?
As many times as you need. We’re here to support you for all your short-term treasury needs.
Do I have to use the total financing offered to me?
Nope, only use what you need and pay for what you use.
Who are typical Defacto clients?
Any company with recurring short-term treasury needs for accounts payable or receivable. A few typical use cases include:
  • You need to pay for stock but don’t want to tap into your working capital
  • You’re in need of cash while waiting to receive payment from an invoiced client
  • You need to pay a supplier on time but don’t want to upfront the cash now
How is Defacto able to take on riskier, small business clients?
For traditional players, the underwriting process and loan services are mostly manual, hence with a high fixed cost per a loan. Thanks to our embedded API, we’re able to get a more automated and accurate lending score that ultimately decreases our operational costs.
How do I pay for Defacto?
We automatically bill you monthly for all reimbursed loans. For example, any loan repaid last month will be billed this month.

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