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AP discounts

access early payment discounts & supplier rewards

Don’t let cash flow stand in the way of serious savings. Short-term financing lets you pay suppliers early and secure the best rates, without taking long-term risks or over investing. 
Powering the next generation of small businesses
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Your challenge

Early payments require cash in hand today

Supplier discounts are a great way to save on payments you’re going to make anyway. But you need the cash flow available to make that happen. 
Our solution

Short-term lending to seize opportunities

Defacto gives you short-term credit through AP and AR financing. You have quick access to funds to secure discounts, without risking getting low on cash.
real impact, really fast
Upway grows sales by 20% thanks to financing with Defacto.
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Why small businesses love Defacto

The fastest way to borrow
Some loans can take months to set up, which doesn’t help you address urgent opportunities. Get started with Defacto in only 27 seconds. 
Dip in & out as needed
Once your credit limit is established, you can come back to it as often as you need. Simply upload a payable or receivable, and you’ll have the funds right away. 
No nasty surprises
Our goal is to fund your growth and keep you happy — not to trap you with fees and debt. Defacto is always honest, easy to understand, and built for SMBs.
The simple service you need
Set up and manage your credit without extra calls or pressure from salespeople. But if anything comes up, we’re here to help. 
Tailored lending

Dynamic, custom credit

Traditional lending services don’t give you the flexibility or reactivity you need to take advantage of great opportunities. Get fast, versatile financing that’s there when you need it. 
How it works

Make your cash flow count

Only 27 seconds from quote to cash.
Number one
Connect your bank and fintech tools
Number two
Get instant financing eligibility
Number three.
Request lending against your capacity
Number four.
Receive automatic confirmation of payment

Join the 7,000+ businesses owning their growth with Defacto

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