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Never struggle with growth because of working capital constraints
Whether you need to pay for stock, pre-fund marketing campaigns, or absorb your clients’ payment terms— we’re only 1-click away for instant financing.
Funded 7,000+ businesses all across Europe
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why small businesses love defacto

With Defacto, you’re in the driving seat every step of the way. Our financing solution is super flexible so you can choose how much you need, when you repay, and what you use your capital for.

Grow at your speed and on your terms

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Flexible terms and conditions
Maintain good relationships with customers and suppliers through custom payment terms. Repay as you need between 0 to 120 days
The Defacto dashboard.
A simpler, SMB-friendly flow
Get access to working capital in seconds. No paperwork. No back and forth. Instant everything.
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Smart, financing recommendations
With our scoring algorithm, we follow your growth and automatically anticipate your capital needs.

Instant lending to cover cash going in and out

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Reliable accounts payable
Maintain strong supplier relationships by always paying on time without ever going into the red.
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Simplified accounts receivable
Never miss a growth opportunity due to long customer payback terms.

1-click lending to use countless ways

Stock financing
Unlock your production so you never miss a sale.
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Supplier invoices
Always pay on time without impacting your working capital.
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Cash financing
Cash-in your B2B invoices straight away to avoid any operational delays.
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Without Defacto, I would be forced to turn down clients and significantly reduce my growth. Because growth costs money. Thanks to Defacto my growth continues and I can pay my employees on time.
Emmanuel Bismuth

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