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Increase your customer value and differentiate your services with Defacto’s embedded lending software and partner referral program.
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Why partner with Defacto

Who doesn’t love a risk-free win-win? Effortlessly offer financing to your customers without any risk or regulatory overhead. We handle everything from underwriting to repayment.

Grow alongside your clients with zero extra work

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Diversify your revenue
Boost acquisition and add additional revenue streams by adding working capital as a value-add for your customers.
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Increase customer loyalty
Solve treasury pains for your customers and see retention rise in return. More logins equal more stickiness.
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Differentiate your service
Offer the latest financing options to your customers from pay now, buy now to 1-click lending scores.

Flexible partnership options

Unlock endless possibilities for growth by either integrating Defacto directly within your platform or adding our lending referral link. Either way, clients will love the seamless experience!
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Add our self-serve referral link to recommend additional financing for your clients. Zero effort, huge value add.
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Defacto Connect
Embed our fully integrated API to instantly offer additional lending within your marketplace or dashboard.
Embed instant lending in seconds for increased margins year over year
  • Safe, easy API implementation
  • Complete, up-to-date documentation
  • Silky smooth product experience

Our embedded API is built for

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The CEO or Head of Growth seeking out future growth opportunities.
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The COO or Head of Success looking to improve customer retention
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The CTO or Developers responsible for implementing integrated services into your product’s code
Defacto powers a crucial added value feature for us and our clients: short term financing. Fully embedded without application forms or documents.
Tancrede Besnard
We chose Defacto for their flexibility and the quality of the API & API doc. Our collaboration allowed us to improve UX and ease our freelance daily operations.
Corentin Hinz
Senior PM

Looking to give your customers an unfair advantage? Become a Defacto partner today.

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