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Strategic financing: How Bellota-Bellota fuels international growth with Defacto

Stephanie Bowker
May 30, 2024
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Defacto helps us take on new B2B and international growth opportunties with flexible financing embedded into our supply chain workflow.
Mickaël Piffard Besnard

About Bellota-Bellota®

Founded in 1995, Bellota-Bellota® is a gourmet brand that combines the best of Iberian and French gastronomy.  With two brands, Bellota-Bellota® and Group Byzance, have made a name for themselves among B2C and B2B clients. While they're famous for their Iberian ham, CEO Mickaël Piffard Besnard, touts their anchovies as his most beloved item. They offer over 700 products and have 30+ tasting counters in five countries. Besides retail, Bellota-Bellota® also provides event catering, cooking classes and more!

The challenge: Paperwork headaches to cash flow crunches

Despite its success, Bellota-Bellota® faced hurdles reaching their full growth potential with traditional financing options due to:

  • Administrative Burden: Managing extensive paperwork and administrative tasks related to traditional financing options was cumbersome and time-consuming.
  • Financing Delays: Accessing funds through conventional financing methods involved lengthy processes, which was not conducive to the fast-paced nature of their business.
  • Cash Flow Management: With a vast catalog of products sourced from various suppliers and subject to seasonal variations, balancing cash flow and seasonal demand was a constant struggle.
  • Supplier Relations: Post-COVID, suppliers increasingly demanded up-front payments, straining Bellota-Bellota®'s cash reserves.

The solution: Modern financing embedded in their supply chain workflow

Defacto's financial solutions have been instrumental in Bellota-Bellota®'s growth and operational efficiency:

  • Growth Facilitation: Enabled expansion into B2B markets and international territories.
  • Supplier Relationship Management: Supported maintaining strong supplier relationships by ensuring timely up-front payments.
  • Supplier Discounts: Enhanced negotiation power, allowing Bellota-Bellota® to secure favorable supplier terms and discounts.

A strategic partner

Mickaël ultimately selected Defacto as short-term financing partner for two key advantages: 

  • Transparent Terms: The clear and straightforward terms offered by Defacto make it easy for Bellota-Bellota® to calculate costs and project financial needs.
  • Flexibility: Defacto's flexible funding options allow Bellota-Bellota® to request higher funds when needed but only pay for what they use, optimizing their cash flow management.

By partnering with Defacto, Bellota-Bellota has not only navigated their working capital challenges but has also positioned themselves for sustained growth and success in the competitive gourmet food market.

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