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take on bigger projects & embrace growth with instant financing

Agencies have a lot to juggle, and misaligned payment timelines between accounts payables and receivables can affect customer and suppler relationships. Get Defacto to own your growth and payment terms.
Your challenge

Cash flow issues can hinder growth

Delays in AR can disrupt cash flow management, making it challenging for agencies to meet their financial obligations, such as payroll or debt payments.
Our solution

Fully flexible cash-in early or pay later capital

With Defacto, have confidence in taking on bigger clients while keeping enough cash on hand to run your growing business.
real impact, really fast
peace of mind for our customers

Why agencies love Defacto

A simpler lending process
We dislike complexity! Discover a tech-first approach to financing with no paperwork, no back and forth, and instant everything.
Never miss out on taking a larger client with timely, flexible access to financing whenever you need a boost or coverage.
Elegant customer & supplier relations
Relationships are everything in business. Always pay on time and negotiate advantageous discounts by bulk buying.
Transparent, flexible terms
You finance what you need, when you need it at a fair, flat rate. No minimum, no fix costs.
Direct lending

smart, forward-
thinking financing

With our scoring algorithm, we follow your growth and automatically anticipate your capital needs in our lending dashboard.
Powering the next generation of agencies
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How it works

Lending with Defacto is quick and easy

Only 27 seconds from quote to cash.
Number one
Connect your bank and fintech tools
Number two
Get instant financing eligibility
Number three.
Request lending against your capacity
Number four.
Receive automatic confirmation of payment

Join the 7,000+ businesses owning their own growth with Defacto

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