Flexible financing to power your business

Get access to instant pay-as-you-go financing to cover stock, marketing, and B2B receivables to grow on your own terms.

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Working capital for you or your clients

An image of the Defacto software dashboard.

Defacto Dashboard

Business leaders and owners—Instantly receive a direct financing with our lending management platform.

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An image of the Defacto software dashboard.

Defacto Connect

Marketplace and fintech partners—scale your lending capabilities with our embedded API.

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Built to scale & keep you in flow

Seamlessly connect Defacto to your accounting, banking, invoice, and treasury tools to automate setup and calculate your lending capacity.

Integrate with Libeo
Integrate with Sellsy
Integrate with Odoo
Integrate with your bank
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Integrate with Agicap
Integrate with Pennylane
Integrate with Qonto

real impact, really fast

We take pride in our technology to be easy to use but a service is only as good as the people behind it. We’re committed to being available and helpful at every step of the lending process.
Defacto enables us to accelerate our B2B offering without worrying about WCR constraints. Now, we can respond to demand effortlessly.
Xavier Serre
Head of Finance
Defacto offers essential, embedded short-term financing for our company and clients, integrated directly into our platform without additional paperwork.
Tancrède Besnard
Co-Founder & CPO
I can accelerate my growth by financing my stock through Defacto. My outstanding balance adjusts seamlessly with my growth and needs.
Stéphane Ficaja
Trusted & loved by 10,000 and counting
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Instant is our guarantee and standard

Time is money and small businesses can’t afford 90-day payment terms. Defacto’s Buy Now, Pay Later B2B lending platform gives businesses the flexibility, control, and acceleration they need to manage their cashflow and growth.

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Lending in seconds with no paperwork, no setup, or follow-up needed.

A part of the Defacto software


You simply pay for what use. No hidden fees or additional costs.

A part of the Defacto software


Complete control to create your own payment terms.

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