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Defacto lets you add fast, fair, and flexible business financing to your platform or services. Choose from no-code up to full white label.

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Why build embedded lending with Defacto?

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Solve customers' challenges
Guide clients through treasury concerns and ultimately retain customers for longer.
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Expand revenue opportunities
Diversify your services easily, without dealing with complex product development and regulatory issues.
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Minimize operational costs
Creating new product lines costs time and money. Embedding a white label solution like ours means a quick setup and no upkeep.
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Avoid compliance issues
Defacto takes compliance very seriously — so you don't have to. We're the first fully licensed French B2B lending fintech!
Quick access to funds is a real challenge for most businesses.
Defacto easily serves your customers so they can focus on growth.

Two lending options: no code or low code

You can either embed Defacto into your platform (we call this "Connect")—white labelled with your own branding—or add a referral link to send customers our way (AKA "Liquid").
Either way, customers get quick and compliant access to funding.
Keep cash flowing like Qonto
The unicorn fintech added 1-click Liquid financing to their banking flow with minimal work required.
Get sticky like Libeo
Libeo provides access to deferred debit payments to customers with Defacto Connect, for increased usage.
safe, simple setup

Seamless lending as a service

Adding short-term financing to your product takes no time at all, and the process is even faster for your clients.
We handle all the paperwork, underwriting, and repayments. And we guarantee setup in less than a week.

Want embedded lending for your fintech solution? Partner with Defacto today!

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