Finance your supplier payments and your stock

Solve your treasury needs and unlock your growth with short term financing

Built for builders

Lending in seconds, without paperwork through your financial tools
Submit your payables and decide on your terms. Pay only for what you use.
Automated direct debit. You don't have to do anything else. As soon as a loan is repaid, your financing capacity is accessible again
"I can grow faster by financing my stock through Defacto. The advantage is the dynamic and automatic evolution, my outstanding amount follows my growth and my needs."
Stéphane Ficaja

Stéphane Ficaja


short-term and ultra flexible financing

don't limit your growth because of your working cap

Payables financing

Maintain good relationships with your key suppliers. Pay them on time, without impacting your working cap

International coverage

Finance your payables, including international ones

Dynamic financing capacity

With our scoring algorithms, we follow your growth and your needs, automatically

Stock financing

We pay your suppliers for you, you repay when you’re ready

Supplier relationship

Foster the best relationship with your key suppliers by paying them on time, without impact on your working capital

Transparent pricing

Access your current cost of financing anytime to pilot it easily

Flexible terms

You decide when you want to repay, without anticipated repayment fees


You finance what you need, when you need it. No minimum, no fix costs