offer financing to your customers

Boost acquisition, solve treasury pains for your customers & diversify your revenue streams. Implement a risk-free lending infrastructure: we handle the whole process, from underwriting to repayment. Seamlessly & simply in your interface

Your clients grow, you grow

We believe access to short-term financing is broken. solve it for your clients


of bankruptcy in 2023

Spiking costs, rising interest rates, and pandemic-loan repayments threaten the solvency of SMBs


of hidden costs

From flat fee, setup fee, anticipated repayment fee etc.



From application to receiving the funds. No one has time for that anymore.

"Our partnership with Defacto brings us a new, crucial, module for our users : short term financing without any paperwork. It has allowed our customers to confidently take on new opportunities so they can continue to grow their businesses."
Tancrède Besnard

Tancrède Besnard

co-founder & CPO

built for builders, not bankers

1-click financing directly on your product

Increase stickiness

Ensure your clients connect to your tool to finance transactions more often

Leverage your data

Deliver instant scoring and financing for your clients, thanks to the data you have


We manage everything from scoring to repayment. So you offer financing without any risk / regulatory burden

Embedded lending

Differentiate your offer from competition, boost usage & upsells by adding working capital financing in your plans

Monetize your customer base

Add a new revenue line to your business by offering lending to your customers

embedded lending

Offer the only integrated financing experience : instant & no added documents needed

grey-labelled financing

Financing process in your UX. Where you want it, the way you want it.